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for vocally healthy, connected singing, joyful songmaking, and songwriting.

Coming Up:

2017 Summer Singing Lessons; Summer Songwriting Intensive.


Summer Term Begins 15th January. Watch for Earlybird and extra Earlybird Specials. New Blog posted 25/11/16: go to




Anyone can learn to sing and/or sing better.*


Anyone can write a song, regardless of experience.


        Songs connect us to ourselves, each other, and help us express who we are.


Sing in a vocally healthy style that suits you and your voice.


Write songs of art, heart, and craft.

*Unless there is physical damage


ABOUT YOUR TEACHER, Raelene Bruinsma (click here for more information).

Raelene Bruinsma

Raelene Bruinsma

Raelene Bruinsma is a singer/songwriter/storyteller, a vocal teacher, choral director and a passionate advocate of making music available to everyone without need for expertise, as well as the pursuit of excellence in music. She has a PhD in performance, a Bachelor of Music with Honours, a Certificate of Proficiency in Estill vocal figures and is a Registered Music Therapist.

“I’m so grateful to Raelene – I had always loved the idea of singing but had that voice from childhood in my head – ‘you can’t sing, you sound terrible!’ After years of miming rather than singing, I finally faced my fears and took lessons with Raelene. After only a few sessions, I was feeling confident enough to stop miming and actually sing, and in time I was able to sing in tune! Raelene’s approach is so accessible and fun. She told me before we started that everyone can learn to sing – at first I didn’t really believe her, but If she could teach me learn to sing…:” 

Chitra Stern, Yoga Teacher, Mother, Former Counselling Psychologist.                                        .0439 722 470
Raelene lives in Perth, Australia. She tours & is available for festivals, workshops, & country & interstate events.
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