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Voicing Out

I wrote a song last week. I am a songwriter, so this is nothing too surprising, and yet, it is surprising to me how much time can pass between writing songs if I don’t make a conscious effort. I feel like I am always juggling – every project seems as important as every other one, […]

Today I was reminded of the joy of music collaboration when Neil Steward (guitarist/bass player) and I drove towards the Perth Hills to rehearse two songs for my upcoming album with the amazing Cathie Travers. I first came across Cathie’s work when I saw her perform at a book launch – a book about Australian […]

Bits and pieces

November 10th, 2016

Off to another festival this weekend – this time with my choir – Working Voices – to the Dunsborough Songfest. Hope to see some of you there. I’m looking forward to the music, the singing, and the beautiful coast of Dunsborough. Meanwhile work on my next album has begun, singing students continue to […]

Last week-end was the 9th annual Nanga Music Festival, which takes place at Nanga Bush Camp every October. When I arrived in Western Australia six years ago to begin my PhD, I was no newcomer to folk/music festivals. In fact you could say I was a little bit of a festival junkie. While there are […]

The Long Break

October 1st, 2016

I am aware my blogging intentions for this website have been sporadically met at best, but was genuinely shocked to see the last post was February of last year. In fact, I am shocked not only at the length of time, but also because I was sure I had posted a blog about two months […]


February 6th, 2015

This is not the first time I’ve had a student ask for some help in developing harmony singing skills, but it is the first time I’ve had almost half of my students in the same week ask for some sort of theory lesson, or singing exercises relating to understanding and utilising the theory of harmony. […]

Over the last week I have been teaching Sing Your Own Song, the songwriting course which is designed to both guide students through the process of writing a song AND give them the chance to perform their new songs, and thus express something intimate of themselves, in a performance setting. By all accounts the students […]

  Happy New Year! As we farewell one year and usher in the next, most of us think back on the good and bad of the year that passed, and set goals for the next year. Because I have stopped making “resolutions” I think I didn’t realise the extent to which I still do this […]

A Summer for Song…

December 16th, 2014

My earliest attempts at songwriting were nurtured by the wonderful Summersong Music Camp (for adults!!!) in a sleepy town called “Lennox Head” just south of Byron Bay in New South Wales. Those of you who have heard me perform my song “Summermoonlight” live, will have heard me speak of tea tree lake and the ocean […]

  Having no voice while running a business called Finding Your Voice is a somewhat uncomfortable irony.   I blame the “doing-ness” of life when “being-ness” is required. There have been few full days between submitting my PhD at the beginning of April and now (September) that I have not been sick with either a […]

Raelene lives in Perth, Australia. She tours & is available for festivals, workshops, & country & interstate events.
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