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A Summer for Song…

December 16th, 2014

My earliest attempts at songwriting were nurtured by the wonderful Summersong Music Camp (for adults!!!) in a sleepy town called “Lennox Head” just south of Byron Bay in New South Wales. Those of you who have heard me perform my song “Summermoonlight” live, will have heard me speak of tea tree lake and the ocean waves glistening in the moonlight as I stayed up all night singing on the balcony where we ate lunch each day.

Summersong was a magical experience each of the eight summers I attended. Not just because of the above, but because alongside the that beautiful feeling you get from a sun and sea-soaked holiday, was the immense joy of immersing yourself in music, creativity and learning. I particularly love the wonderful songwriting classes run by Kristina Olsen. The classes were designed to be enriching for experienced musicians (indeed highly professional musicians) and in the early days when the group size was rather intimate, we had the amazing luxury of 1:1 attention (feedback on songwriting) from Kristina if we asked for it. We didn’t even have to think about boring details like cooking and cleaning. It was all done for us, and so we flourished in creative musical joy.

It’s been a few years since I last attended Summersong, largely for geographic and time reasons. My creative immersions have been in songwriting and rehearsing for the performance aspects of my PhD in recent years. This summer I felt a strong desire to stay in Perth, but I also felt a hankering for a bit of creative immersion in song and songwriting.

This is the reason I have offered my SUMMER SINGING SPECIAL (6 lessons for the price of four) and an intensive version of the short course SING YOUR OWN SONG (usually an 8 week course, but on this occasion 8 sessions within 3 weeks). Come and join me: it can be done around full time work, but make sure you allow time between tasks to complete fun creative homework tasks!


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