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Happy New Year!

As we farewell one year and usher in the next, most of us think back on the good and bad of the year that passed, and set goals for the next year. Because I have stopped making “resolutions” I think I didn’t realise the extent to which I still do this and, most years, get to the end without any chance of having achieved it all. So my solution this year is to not avoid resolutions, but to try and be aware of just how many I’m making, and slowly cull them to an achievable amount. To aid in the process of acknowledging what I do achieve, rather than being frustrated at what I don’t, I am going to keep a special jar, a nurture jar I might call it, and write down every time something beautiful, joyful, or simply satisfying happens and put it in the jar to read New Year.

This year I returned to Melbourne for Christmas, after deciding I would spend it in Perth. I’m not sure why, I had a sudden craving for a bit of a Melbourne vibe, then many of my Facebook friends said “yes, come we want to see you” and suddenly I booked a ticket and went. I hired a car (at an extremely budget price) and travelled from inner suburban Melbourne to the Dandenong Ranges, to central Victoria (Daylesford, Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Yandoit), to the Northern, Eastern, and even Western suburbs, and down onto the Mornington Peninsula. It was a VERY busy time, catching up with friends, family, eating great vegan food, driving through old childhood and early adult haunts, walking on beaches, and celebrating both Christmas and Summer Solstice – not to mention all of the soul expanding intense conversations with others who, like me, like to try and connect with life at a deeply reflective level, “tuning in” to what we want and need on the next stages of our journey in this amazing world. And of course, for me, music always figures importantly in my goals. Here are some of them for 2015. It’s already looking huge:

  • * Teach a songwriting course (EARLYBIRD CLOSES 4th JANUARY for Summer Intensive: SYOS.
  • * Make a CD of some of the songs I’ve written in the last 10 years (how long it’s been since my last CD).
  • * Make a CD of some of the music and stories I created for my PhD research on Inanna.
  • * Sculpt some 45-60 minute performances of material from my PhD research.
  • * Do some gigging
  • * Do some singing leading for Vocal Nosh WA
  • * Build my singing teaching back to the level it was in 2013 before my web address was poached.
  • * Do some university teaching
  • * Do some publishing of bits of my PhD
  • * Look to my long term future


In all of these ways I work on both finding and using my voice. In what ways will you find and use YOUR voice in 2015?

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