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Singing (Mostly)

Raelene is a skilled and talented workshop leader. Her group leading experience as a

Raelene Leading Singing

registered music therapist combined with her knowledge of voice and her passion for group sharing and singing enable her to weave together the unique contributions of participants into a satisfying and enriching experience. Her experience facilitating vocal workshops has included a series of privately administered half and full day workshops with titles such as:

  • Befriending Your Voice                                               
  • Singing with an Open Throat
  • Developing Confidence and Creativity                      
  • Your Emotional Voice
  • Singing for Self Expression                                        
  • The Problem of Pitch
  • Singing with Others                                                    
  • Singing for Fun


Additionally Raelene has conducted singing workshops at folk festivals, and has been contracted by various organisations to facilitate both vocal and music therapy workshops which vary from one hour to two days in length. In this latter capacity she has worked with: improvisational theatre groups; indigenous groups in remote, regional and urban settings; women’s groups; a cappella singing associations; city councils; and general community groups. As a registered music therapist she has experience working with people of all ages and stages of life with and without illness and/or disability.

Raelene has offered several singing workshops to music lovers in Mosman Park and Mandurah, WA. 

¨ Have fun singing together

¨ Gain harmonic confidence by building skills

¨ Explore different ways of creating harmony

¨ Structured and improvisational methods offered or 0439 722 470


Leading Group Singing.

Leading Group Singing.

Raelene  can be booked to facilitate singing workshops. Topics include performance technique (how to engage an audience, make friends with the microphone, and put together the micro-skills that make a good performer), vocal technique (as above), singing with a group for fun and community building, and songwriting. I am also happy to put together a workshop for your group’s specific needs or facilitate a workshop you would like to organise and advertise in your community.

Contact Raelene for a quote or to discuss your workshop needs: or 0439 722 470

Raelene lives in Perth, Australia. She tours & is available for festivals, workshops, & country & interstate events.
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