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Raelene Bruinsma’s debut CD dancing stars and moonlit mountains is brimming with joy. Her live shows shimmer with her love of songwriting, singing and performing. The CD stays close to the spirit of her live performances with both warmth and spirit. That is not to say that all the songs are lyrically upbeat. There is a great variety of music here – lyrically and melodically. Themes traverse the political as well as the personal and the songs are mainly originals with a couple of covers included. Annie Ross’ Twisted is obviously close to this singer’s heart! As well providing most of the songs, vocals, guitar and flute, other skilled musicians are sprinkled throughout the recording. The most well-known of these is Mal Webb who contributes some mean trumpet licks. Congratulations Raelene, and many encores!
Christina Mimmocchi, Touchwood, Blindman’s Holiday.

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Raelene lives in Perth, Australia. She tours & is available for festivals, workshops, & country & interstate events.
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