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Well I’ve been in WA for over 3 and a half years now, finished a creative PhD (I am officially “under examination” which means my PhD is being marked), and find myself feeling on the threshhold of exciting new beginnings. Truth be told, the beginnings are really more like a cycling back to other beginnings I’ve had before, but the feeling of newness is unmistakeable. As if I am doing similar things but from a new point on the spiral.

One of the new things that is a returning is a plan to start a Vocal Nosh. The concept of a Vocal Nosh is simple: it is “a community event where people gather to sing and eat together for the sheer pleasure of it, for community, for connection, for the joy of making music rather than observing others doing it (Fay White, http://www.faywhitemusic.com/) More details about the Vocal Nosh structure and philosophy can be found at: http://www.faywhitemusic.com/vocal-nosh.html.

It’s time, I believe, for a Vocal Nosh in Perth. A little band of interested people will be meeting next week to discuss the next steps. A vocal nosh is about community and needs a committee. If you’d like to be involved, please contact me at raelenebruinsma@yahoo.com

Serendipitously, Fay White herself, the mother of the Vocal Nosh concept, was recently in WA. I caught up with her at Fairbridge Music Festival and again at a workshop in Fremantle last weekend. She is delighted about the idea of Vocal Nosh in Perth, and wants us to keep in touch and stay connected. It feels like a good omen.

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