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I am finally back from Bali!

For those who don’t know, my mother died of cancer back in April, after a dramatic and traumatic six months leading up to the event. Watching a loved one in that sort of pain is never fun, but I imagine, only a fraction of what the loved one herself experienced. Several nearly dying moments, and then suddenly dying when no one really expected it. Except we did. A body can only take so much. After Mum died – I was in Melbourne most of the year leading up to that point managing the logistics of everything that takes place when hospitalisation is necessary – I remained in Melbourne to organise the funeral, move her things out of her rental, and then returned to Perth in almost enough time to get my choir ready for a festival. I had promised myself, once I got through all that, a month in Bali, and so I went.

I had a very restorative and relaxing time, having decided shortly after arrival to stay in Penestanan near Ubud for the month and do (almost) daily yoga classes, daily swimming, and daily walking.



Out the front of “Intuitive Flow” where I did yoga.

Massages were also indulged in quite regularly.


Inside one of my favourite massage spas: Cantika Alami

and the food  – well the food was cheap, healthy and delicious.


Sweet Potato Waffles – Brunch in Canggu.

I did venture beyond Ubud on occasion, and spent a day in some magnificent pools in a 5 star hotel owned by the royal family, spent a few days with a friend/relative in Canggu, and did a day trip to some beaches in the North.


Cocktails in the Main Pool at Royal Pita Maha. There were two additional pools: a sacred pool halfway down the ravine, and a lagoon that followed the edge of the white water rapids at the bottom.

I also bought myself a new handmade guitar entirely of mahogany wood from a Balinese dude named Yude, who has lived in America and plays like a star. He hopes to build his business into an empire like Maton, Martin and Taylor, and I think his guitars are that good (http://yudelele.com/).

guitarMostly he makes travel guitars, but I bought one of his rare full size ones. I hope to record some of my music using his guitars later this year (I have a second one, a travel guitar, on order). In fact, I have a grand plan for a triple album:

Album 1. Raelene’s Passion. Singer/songwriter Songs.

Album 2. Restoring Inanna 1. Original songs written as part of my PhD research into the stories and songs of Inanna from Ancient Sumer.

Album 3. Restoring Inanna 2. Stories and Story/Songs styled for performance from my PhD research into the stories and songs of Inanna from Ancient Sumer.


I’ll keep you informed about this. I will be launching my crowd funding project really soon.

Back in Bali, it was wonderful to have time to think, grieve and feel, and to meet wonderful people.  I was shocked at how quickly each day – and ultimately the month – passed. Perhaps this speed was helped along by the fact that I continued my online university teaching while there. As anyone who has grieved will know, it is an ongoing process, but having made that time was important and nourishing, and I recommend it to anyone else able to do so in a similar situation. I have returned in a much better psychological place, and am thinking of another similar retreat over Christmas to reinforce the benefit.

For those who are interested in teaching arm of my business, I did also have time to do a little thinking about teaching for the rest of this year, and have divided the remainder of the year into two terms. I am offering a half year deal, and term deals, though you are welcome to continue booking in in 4 and 6 week blocks of lessons. If I own you outstanding lessons, you need not feel excluded from the deals, I will be happy to discuss a discount to compensate the unused lessons, or you are welcome to just use them up and then book in for lessons in whichever format best suits you.


Singing Lessons at FYV for the Remainder of 2016.

Both the half year and term three deals begin next week. My huge apologies for the short notice; Bali time was Bali time. Contact me if you cannot make next week but wish to take advantage of a deal – we can try to negotiate a way around that.

Half Year Deal 2016 – 17 weeks –  8th August – 14th December  $920:

Attend lessons for term three and four term dates – $850


Term 3 2016 – 8 weeks –  8th August – 30th September  $460

– teaching days Tuesday & Wednesday

               N.B. The final week of FYV’s term 3 is the first week of the school holidays in WA.


Term 4 2016 – 9 weeks –  17th October – 14th December – $520

– teaching days Tuesday & Wednesday

                 N.B. The first week of FYV’s term 4 is week 2 of the school term in WA.

                         Term 4 finishes the same week as the school term in WA.


  • Lessons are one hour in length and dates are booked at the beginning of the period of time for the entire period (please discuss with me if this causes undue difficulty).
  • A maximum of two reschedules with 24 hrs notice minimum (3 for Half Year Deal). Due to the discount already offered, no refunds or extensions will be offered beyond this.
  • Deposit of $50 required to secure place. Balance must be paid at the first lesson (Please contact me well in advance if this will cause you undue difficulty).


Four and Six Week Blocks of lessons available as usual with the same prices and conditions as previously: one reschedule per block available with 24 hours notice; 6 weeks = $420; 4 Weeks = $300.

I am still in the process of working out dates and times for songwriting courses. Let me know if you are interested in one of these.

Hopefully it won’t be so long till my next blog entry! See you in cyberspace, and maybe also in person, soon.

Yours in Song,


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