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Passion’s Fruit

… was born from the joyful success of a musical collaboration between Neil Steward and I for Restoring Inanna. Neil was so much more than a backing musician; he helped me, as one example, develop the arrangement for the story/ song “Earth is Mine” which involved numerous key changes, changes in tempo and fitting music to spoken as well as sung word (excerpts below). He also managed the sound, and created sound effects. It was so much fun I asked him to play some other gigs with me and we became a team.



Like me, Neil began his musical life with classical music and later moved into more blues, roots, jazz and contemporary forms. As a result we share a musical language which embraces different entry points to writing, playing, arranging, understanding and celebrating music. The result is a collaboration which sometimes revels in the understated, and sometimes dives into a more driving and textured sound: a passionate interaction of guitars, voices and vocal colours, bass, flute, small percussion and vocal looping.

He is also a songwriter and one third of the “Jane Cornes Trio”, together Felicity Hughes and his life partner, Jane Cornes (Doris), the woman for whom he moved to Perth from Brisbane 3 years ago.

Passion’s Fruit harmonies, vocal stylings and musical arrangements are always in service of communicating the essence and nuances of the song. We hope our music will move you to tears and laughter, joy and compassion. They are sometimes quirky, sometimes simple, sometimes fun, and sometimes evocative and elusive. They are always a passionate encounter: the song is the thing!


Passion’s Fruit plan to cut a CD within the next 12 months.

In the meantime, here is a demo cut in rehearsal on our trusty zoom.




And here is a demo one of the songs we perform,….




…and a sample of our musical work together for  Restoring Inanna.


Raelene lives in Perth, Australia. She tours & is available for festivals, workshops, & country & interstate events.
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